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Yes!Taxi is the latest, cutting edge taxi hailing company which brings sustainability, ease and locality together for the best user experience possible. We connect local taxi firms across the world with users at a touch within seconds. Gym, work or the restaurant we’ve got you covered! We are currently based in Scotland and are quickly expanding all around the world!

Yes!Taxi has quickly become the fastest and most convenient booking platform in Scotland. App users can easily access their taxi’s location, pick their favourite driver and rate their trip. So far it, including the first six-week trial launch, it has over:








Sustainability is at the centre of Yes!Taxi and the ethics of the company, the young generation care and the app reflects this. The further you travel the more points you earn which are converted into trees, flowers and plants across Britain helping to combat climate change. With these points you can choose the specific plants be it Apple Trees, Alders or Orange Dynasty Tulips adding a bit of fun to this eco-friendly idea. This is also seen in the leader-board mechanism which will pit businesses and friends against each other over who offsets their carbon footprint more. Yes!Taxi is partnered with a small farm just outside of London working together to implement this sustainable and vital element of the company.


Yes!Taxi originates with Daniel Malikzade-Afshar, a St Andrews student, whose father’s experience as a taxi driver has encouraged him to fill the gap in the market and solve some of the issues facing customers and drivers. He is now hoping to expand globally into countries such as Egypt and Kirgizstan to provide safe, easy and reliable taxi services alongside tackling specific issues faced by those countries, after launching in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Fife. Daniel recently commented that “the app has gone from strength to strength. I am so proud to see where it has come and where it is going.”

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